Project Team

Dmitrii V. Semenok

CEO and the founder of the «Organic Emitters» Ltd. and «Diazocompounds» Ltd. He graduated Institute of chemistry SPbSU (bachelor, 2015). Specialty: organic synthesis. Practical experience in organic chemistry: 3 years. Developer of the synthetic technology of projects, author of the main conceptions and design of this site. Dmitrii was a holder of the DAAD fellowship (L.Euler, 2013) and worked in Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, USA (2 months, 2014) in a field of organoboron chemistry. Winner of grant competition of SPb government for students (2014), innovation competition «The Big Bang 3» (IFMO, 2014), prizewinner of «Young innovator of the year-2015» (3rd place) and Russian Startup Tour 2016 (Tula) competitions, participant of more than 14 international scientific conferences, author of 4 RU patents and several IF-publications. RESEARCHGATE (Dmitrii Semenok)

Olesia S. Galkina

PhD in chemistry (SPbSU, 2015), research engineer (SPbSU, Institute of chemistry), total work experience in the University: 6 years. Speciality: organic synthesis, photochemistry. Olesia passed several trainings under the DAAD program in Germany and USA: in the Institute of Biochemistry, Center for Structural and Cell Biology in Medicine, University of Lübeck (2008, 2 months); in the Center for Photochemical Sciences, Bowling Green State University, USA (2009, 2.5 months); in the Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy, Universität Leipzig, Germany (2010, 3 months); in the University of Ulm, Institute of Organic Chemistry I (2013-2014, 4 months). She is author of 9 papers in international and Russian scientific journals. Olesia is winner of the competition for graduate students of universities located in St. Petersburg (2013) and Winner of the Russian President’s Scholarship (2014). As part of the grant «Polzunovskie grants 2015» she worked on a development of synthesis of OLED emitters based on phenanthro[9,10-b]furanones. RESEARCHGATE (Olesia S. Galkina)

Jury J. Medvedev

The author of the idea of applying of 1,2-migration in diazo compounds for synthesis of COX-2 inhibitors. PhD and assistant in SPbSU (2015-2016, Institute of chemistry), total work experience in the University: 4 years. Speciality: organic synthesis. Jury passed several trainings under the DAAD program in Leipzig (6 months), in Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA (3 months). He is an author of 12 papers in international journals and 1 patent. Jury is winner of innovation competitions «UMNIK-2014 and 2015» (F.A.S.I.E.), the laureate (3rd place) of the innovation contest «Russian StarUp Tour — 2015 (SPb)», laureate of scholarship of the Russian Federation Government (2015), head of RFBR grant mol_a №16-33-00059 (2016-2017). RESEARCHGATE (Jury J. Medvedev)

Philip A. Obrezkov

Investment director in the «Organic Emitters» Ltd. 2nd year master student of Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. He graduated Institute of chemistry of SPbSU in 2015. Philip worked in Gazprom Oil and Schlumberger (developing of intensification of oil production). Speciality: organometallic catalysts. Philip has passed trainings in the Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA (3 months, 2014). He is a winner of several International Olympiads: «International Student Digital Olympiad «3К» (2015), «International Student Tournament of Natural Sciences» (2014),«Open International Student Internet Contest» (2013), etc. He is also a holder of the scholarship of the Government of St. Petersburg (2014) and winner of the intermediate selection of the contest «Young Innovator of the Year 2015» (Nizhny Novgorod). Now Philip is working in Austria. LINKEDIN

Daria Y. Poloneeva

She worked as project consultant in organic chemistry in «Organic Emitters (in 2015-2016), she is 21 and 4th year student of IC SPbSU, a staff photographer in «MEL Science» Ltd. (SPb), volunteer of the All-Russian school chemical tournament and Tournament of natural science (INST, The main thing in life — is photography. Winner of a number of photography competitions, scholarships «PASS» of St. Petersburg State University, co-winner of RFBR mol_a №16-33-00059 grant (2016-2017) «Developing an effective process for synthesis of a new class of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs — 4,5-diaryl-3(2H)furanones» and «Polzunovskie grants-2015» (city of Barnaul).

Athina Geronikaki

Project consultant in pharmacology under umbrella of a joint academic project with St. Petersburg State University, doctor of chemical sciences (in Greece and in USSR — separately), H-index = 25, full professor of School of Pharmacy in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH, Greece), author of 4 books and more then 90 papers, she was awarded by medal for the the development of international scientific cooperation (SPF). Member of the Greek Chemical Society and the Heterocyclic Chemistry Society. CV on the AUTH website. RESEARCHGATE (Athina A. Geronikaki)

Igor A. Savkin

IT support specialist, programmer of «Organic Emitters» Ltd. He graduated Physical Department of Moscow State University, now Igor is a PhD student in MSU. Igor Savkin is working in Laboratory of Computer Systems and Applications of programming technologies of SCCR MSU. Co-author of several papers on the statistical analysis of the genome for medical purposes (prediction of diseases). The main research field — is a data analysis, machine learning, neural and Bayesian networks. He provides the IT support of the website Account on portal of MSU , LINKEDIN


Paulina Gonzalez

Paulina Gonzalez graduated from the Universidad de las Americas with a BS in Chemistry studying asymmetric catalysis. Afterwards, she moved to Texas to begin her doctoral studies where she studied and worked in developing bimodal heterocyclic amines and their interaction with metals in the Alzheimer’s disease and also synthesized selective antagonists and agonist of the dopamine receptors using as main scaffolds boron clusters. Now Paulina is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Strasbourg where she works in the development of cell penetrating peptides and Cu (II) chelators for applications in Alzheimer’s disease therapies. RESEARCHGATE: Paulina Gonzalez

Giorgio Visentin

Giorgio Visentin achieved his Bachelor Degree in Chemistry and Material Chemistry at “Alma Mater Studiorum” University of Bologna (Bologna, Italy) and actually he is going to achieve the Master Degree in Photochemistry at the same institute. Giorgio specialized in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry: he first worked in the field of High Resolution Rotational Spectroscopy and now he is working on a project on modelling diradicals by Single-Reference Methods. Furthermore Giorgio is trying to work together with Dmitrii S and our research group on a project in diazo chemistry. He is co-author of one (or two) publication in the field of High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy (Chemistry, 2015 Nov 2;21(45):15970-3, doi: 10.1002/chem.201502981, Epub 2015 Sep 21). RESEARCHGATE: Giorgio Visentin